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Fragile Times

2 x 2", 5cm x 5cm
Collage - mostly magazine pages

All miniatures are for sale. $75.00 each


I am Fragile

2 x 2”, 5cm x 5cm

Can you spot the following...
Two Clocks
Flamenco dancer
Stone building
Watch gears
Two geese flying


Fragile in its Complexity
2 x 2”, 5 x 5cm

Take time to enjoy the environment around you. Feel earth beneath your feet, gaze into the sky, splash in the water.

Take a moment to reflect on your impact on this world both large and small.
Our time on this earth is limited and fragile, celebrate each day, each moment, each sunrise, each sunset.



Flight Time
2 x 2”, 5cm x 5cm

The butterflies in this collage piece are used a symbol for the fragile state of the human condition during this unique time. We are tentative to go outside, our normal routines are disrupted and changing daily. The unknown outside home, is like the caterpillar having to change into a chrysalis. The caterpillar can’t avoid change, it is rendered defenceless by becoming a chrysalis, we cannot avoid the changes either and sometimes feel defenceless. The fragile wing on the butterfly is reminiscent of the fragility we all feel right now when we leave home. As humans in order to grow, we have to change, do a metamorphosis to be able to survive and return to a semblance of normal. Like a butterfly we can change, and emerge stronger and better at the end of all of this.


Trapped in the Fragile Hands is Time
2 x 2”, 5cm x 5cm

is the name of this miniature piece that I finished last night thinking about people in my life. It is about all of us that have ever experienced time moving too slowly or too quickly. People moving to a new city, new job or waiting for an injury to heal feel time in a powerful way. We all felt time differently during lockdown of covid and I think time will be thought if differently from this time forward.


A Fragile Ocean
2 x 2”, 5cm x 5cm

Mother Earth is fragile as we that live on it. Be gentle with yourself and others today.


I am Fragile Again

2 x 2”, 5cm x 5cm

Can you find ...

-Postcard invitation from my nest series
-Two hearts (maybe not the whole thing)
-The French word (je)


Fragile Harvest

2 x 2”, 5cm x 5cm

The Fragile and Fleeting World of Play

2 x 2 inches. 5 x 5cm Collage.

Can you spot your favorite stuffy from childhood in this mini collage series about play? I so enjoyed putting these all together. The colours of childhood are special. Beanie Baby collections are both priceless and expensive.

Can you find the blue elephant? Frog? Wise owl? Transformer? Matryoshka?