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365 Days of Coffee

Two Year Saskatchewan Touring Exhibition beginning 2016

First Exhibition
Showcase Regina, SK
Oct 16-18, 2015


Artist Statement

The consumption of coffee is part of a morning routine, the drive to work, interactions with others and how we spend money.
We have all witnessed the line up at a coffee drive-thru. We have all seen the clutter of discarded cups on the street. Coffee impacts the world around us.

The consumption of coffee, is it is ritual, a need, an outlet or an addiction?  Whichever it is, it provides livelihood to 125 million human beings. Coffee is the second highest traded commodity second only to oil. The origin of coffee shops was the small cafes, where individuals met and exchanged ideas on topics such as science, business, writing and politics. The coffee shops catered to certain clientele. An exchange of ideas still occurs but in many coffee shops people are working on computers and possibly interacting with someone in another coffee shop in a different location in the world on topics like science, business, writing and politics. Maybe the world is just one big coffee shop.

The cafes have evolved to allow people to purchase their coffee and take it with them. Prior to take away coffee, individuals sat at cafes and consumed their coffee slowly and usually in the company of a friend or a good book. Now the coffee is often put in to travel mugs and carried from place to place. Has the new ritual become the carrying of the coffee?

Coffee and Leisure
365 days in a year
52 weeks = 104 weekends
11 statutory holidays
minimum 10 days (2 weeks) holiday
125 out of 365 days are Leisure (34.2%)
Work 1920 hours, 6840 hours left for sleep, eat, play and
Lots of time for a coffee!

Call to Saskatchewan Potters to Participate

Finished Mugs